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Are you getting ready to store your boat for the winter?

Well, if so don’t forget Bridgeport Fuels.

You see advises…

…storing any boat with the fuel tank almost full, leaving just a little capacity to accommodate expansion of the fuel if the temperature warms. Filling the tank displaces any air in the tank and eliminates the opportunity for condensation to form inside the tank during storage. This can occur if the boat is stored outdoors or in an unheated building. Proper fuel treatment is a key element of any long-term boat storage preparation plan. When handled correctly, starting your boat next season can be as simple as turning the ignition key. Neglect of the fuel system, however, can cause problems both inconvenient and expensive.

If you are looking to fill up your boat’s tank locally or on route to another location, our high-speed fuel dock at Bridgeport Fuels in Connecticut is open every Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm and offers both diesel & gasoline. Conveniently located on Long Island Sound, we’ll make sure your boat is topped off and ready to go.

Bridgeport Fuels has marine diesel / gasoline with traditional and high speed delivery systems that pumps up to 5,000 gallons per hour.


How to Treat Boat Fuel for Long-Term Storage
  1. Plan your late-season boating trip to use up most of the current fuel.
  2. Fill the tank with fresh fuel so it’s almost full.
  3. Be sure to use gasoline that does not contain ethanol.
  4. As you fill the tank for storage, add a marine-specific fuel stabilizer additive.
  5. Follow all instructions outlined on the fuel stabilizer product.
  6. Next, give the boat a short run on the water to distribute the fuel.
  7. When next season comes along, go boating right away with the stabilized fuel.

Chevron has produced a video that illustrates the formation of condensation in the fuel tank and addresses the issues boaters need to know when storing their boats over the winter or off the water for an extended period of time.

BTW-No Tax on marine fuel.

Connecticut state law exempts marine fuel dock owners and operators from paying Connecticut diesel fuel taxes.  Bridgeport Landing Development, LLC President of Operations, Bob Christoph Jr. says the recently passed bill follows a federal law that allows for the sale of the tax-exempt fuel when strictly used for marine purposes.

Bridgeport Fuels is LOCATED AT:
837 Seaview Avenue @ Bridgeport Boatworks
Bridgeport, CT 06607